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Lunch & Lake in Luzern

Rathaus Brauerei is a microbrewery overlooking the Reuss River.  The staff there is extremely helpful and will provide input on which dishes are the best.  I started with a glass of Seidel Rathausbier (Figure 1), the light beer that is brewed at the restaurant in such small quantities that you can only get it here.  Not only that, it is brought out in a more “elegant” glass for the women.  The men’s glasses didn’t look too shabby to me, though.

Since it was a bit chilly out, I also ordered the cream of vegetable soup (Figure 2), which came out in a bowl the size of what we would call a “cup” in the US.  Although the size of the bowl was disappointing (especially with a price of 8.50 SF), the creamy, appetizing soup more than made up for its size.  But it did leave me wanting another 2 or 3 “bowls”.

For the main dish, I wanted the veal bratwurst, but my waiter told me that the pork bratwurst was significantly better.  Well, that was kind of him to let me know.  So the pork bratwurst it was—with a pile of French fries (Figure 3).  I’m not even sure when the last time I ate this many fries, but I certainly could not finish them all, even though they were delicious and crisp.  The best part was that I could dip the fries into the savory wine-based sauce and sliced onions over the bratwurst.  And the bratwurst itself was perfectly seasoned and cooked.  It was really tasty, even without the sauce!

After lunch, take a stroll across the river, over to the boat docks.  Check out the boat schedule, and hop on a cruise to peacefully enjoy the surrounding mountains while your digestive system does its job.  The best, short (1-hour) cruise seems to be the Rundfahrt Roundtrip on a panoramic yacht with an included audio tour (in 11 languages!).  The cruise will take you around so that you can see and learn about Luzern’s luxury hotels (Figure 4), a castle on the mountainside (Figure 5), and the weather-predicting powers of Mt. Pilatus (Figure 6).  Overall, though, just relax and soak up the gorgeous views of Lake Luzern (Figure 7) while sitting on the front of the yacht.


  1. If you listen to the audio-guide on the Runfahrt boat cruise, bring your own headphones—the ones they provide tend to slip off your head…
  2. Sit outside on the yacht.  The windows (even though they are panoramic) are really crappy for capturing photos and seeing everything in general.


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