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Exotic garden of modern art

Lugano’s beauty is normally attributed to its lake and mountains, but Rick Steves took me to one of the most beautiful parks I have ever been in: City Park.  It is on the east side of the town and is located right next to Piazza Indipendenza with its staple giant head sculpture (Figure 1).  This particular sculpture was done by a Polish sculptor who actually decorated other squares around Europe in a similar manner… I’m imagining a bunch of squares with creepy, eyeless giant heads.

In any case, walking into City Park, you will first come face to face with Villa Ciani, the peach-colored fine arts museum (Figure 2).  I skipped the museum and just walked around the park.

Turning to the right, I was greeted with a statue (Figure 3) and some really simple yet twisted trees (Figure 4).

Walking on, you will get what I think are some of the most beautiful views of Lake Lugano, the surrounding mountains, or maybe even a swan (Figures 5-8).

The flowers, too, are gorgeous if they are in bloom (Figures 9 & 10).

And my favorite tree that looks like branches strung together by leafy, green ornaments (Figure 11).

This park is has some quirky plants and pieces of art.  Walk around and check it out; see what strikes you as something particularly unique!


This park may be at the end of the town (which is really just a 5 minute walk from the center of town), but it is definitely worth going to!  It’s stunning and picturesque.

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