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Just a 5 minute bus ride from Lauterbrunnen’s city center are the Trummelbach Falls, an amazing natural phenomenon of multi-level waterfalls inside a cave. Walking up to the entrance, you walk by a rushing river the leads from the falls (Figure 1), and you begin hearing a bit of the pounding water inside.

After you pay the entrance fee (Swiss Pass unfortunately does not cover this), you can take this giant elevator through the falls at a slight slant (Figure 2) and maybe nervously look up or down.

The first you see of the waterfall is the 6thlevel, that is exposed partially to the sun (Figure 3).

You can take some stairs that then bring you to a view of the level 6 falls from above (Figure 4).  The sight of thousands of gallons of water being forced through a narrow crevice is astounding.

Then the path takes you through the cave (Figure 5) to levels 7 and above (Figure 6).  Be careful of the dripping/spraying water and REALLY watch out for the slippery stony stairs!

You can then choose to take the elevator back down or to walk down the steps.  Take a walk down the stairs since you will get more views of the lower levels of the falls (Figure 7).

And get a good look at Lauterbrunnen from afar (Figure 8)!


  1. Pick up the bus right across the street from the train station.  The bus stop is right in front of the bakery under the yellow sign that says "Trummelbach Falls".  Otherwise, it's a 45 minute walk.
  2. Watch your step when you climb the stairs in the cave – they are really slippery from the water dripping everywhere.
  3. Take the stairs to go back down as you will get to see more falls.


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