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A timeless stroll to the watch museum

I arrived in Geneva with some time to spare so I just started walking through the major attractions with a map in hand (Rick Steves said that Geneva is not worth visiting, which is quite a shame).  Geneva is beautiful, especially on an 80 degree day…!  Its staple attraction, Jet d’Eau was like an unimaginable giant whale constantly blowing through its blowhole (Figure 1).  The view from St. Pierre Cathedral is endless on a good day, but that is for another post.

The Wall of Reformation (Figure 2) is in the Parc de Bastions, but what caught my eyes was the series of cute trash cans (Figure 3).  If you are into people watching, this is a perfect place for it, with students studying, people playing chess, families picnicking, or maybe you will even see someone tanning in a thong (I felt it would be highly inappropriate to take a photo of this).

Walk a bit to the west to Plaine de Plainpalais, which looked like a park on the map but really is a large square.  On Saturdays, there is a huge flea market there selling all sorts of goods from beads to paintings to dirty old rugs (maybe one can fly) (Figure 4).  You can even dig through a ton of boxes filled with all sorts of knick knacks.

Then walk over to Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers for the Patek Philippe Watch Museum (Figure 5), which is definitely worth going to.  Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take photos, and they really take this seriously with all the security cameras.  But there are clocks of all sorts, from wrist watches to time pieces for small clutches to clocks from the 1500’s.  I’ve never seen so many varieties of clocks, and each piece is made with perfection (although the times are all off).

Tip: Just walk and explore—Geneva is perfect for it on a nice day!


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