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Down and up St. Pierre Cathedral

Normally at a cathedral, you are allowed to go inside and perhaps climb to the very top of the tower for a panoramic view of whichever city it is in.  However, at St. Pierre in Geneva (Figure 1), you can also go below for a look into the past at its archaeological museum.

The entrance to the archaeological museum is to the right of the main entrance down some stairs.  Underground, you will see that the preservation of the cathedral’s archaeological site is amazing, with almost full preservation of many sections of the former cathedral (Figure 2).

Inside the church, there is a beautiful rose window (Figure 3), but the best part is being able to climb up.  The view from above is amazing (Figure 4), but do be careful of the loose stones under your feet (Figure 5)!


  1. Check out the archaeological museum – it is free with a Swiss Pass!
  2. It’s just 2 CHF to climb up the tower at St. Pierre, and the view is well worth it.


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