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A meter of beer

Now you may be thinking, “How is a meter a measurement of beer?!”  Well, I thought the same thing when I first saw the menu at Georgbraeu Brauhaus in Berlin.  Apparently, it is a meter long box with twelve glasses of beer (Figure 1).  The beers only come in light and dark since the restaurant is actually a microbrewery.

Of course, with the beers, we had to order food or else we would probably be flat out drunk at the end.  So we first got the popular Eisbein (Figure 2), which is basically a giant ham hock.  I just loved how easily the skin separated from the actual meat – really showed that it was cooked through!

We also got the Brandenburger Bratwurst since it is a play off of my friend, Brendan’s, name (Figure 3).  The burst of flavor in the sausage was perfect with the pile of sauerkraut on the side.  And I think between the two dishes, we had more than enough potatoes.

And now I know how Germans can drink so much beer.  When you have food that is basically all meat, sauerkraut and potatoes, it is a perfect base for downing a liter of beer.  Not to mention the fact that the food is really cheap (I guess I’m a bit biased when I say cheap as I was in Berlin after a month in Zurich…)!!!


  1. Perhaps order the meter of beer when you have a party of more than two people…  I could only finish five glasses, and my friend, Brendan, finished the rest.
  2. Eisbein is the best deal – that entire plate, along with a beer, only costs 9.99 euros!


What a hearty meal!  The cooking is absolutely perfect when you need all the calories you can get, such as at the end of a flight or after walking around the gargantuan city of Berlin.  And for the price, you certainly get more than expected!

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