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Chocolate, chocolate, mango

Many people seem to miss this stop; we walked right by it on the free Berlin walking tour without a single mention from the tour guide.  But luckily, we had Rick Steves. Fassbender & Rausch (Figure 1) is located on the corner of the plaza with the German Cathedral and the Concert Hall.  Just walking by, you will see some impressive chocolate sculptures of a church, a giant teddy bear, the TV tower and more (Figure 2).  But the most astounding is the actively bubbling chocolate volcano (Figure 3).

Inside, there are all sorts of chocolates and pastries (Figure 4).

Go ahead and purchase a selection of the chocolates that look the best to you (Figure 5).  Don’t worry, my box of 12 pieces only cost about 8.50 euros.

But the best part is the café on the 1st floor (the ground floor in Europe is the 0thfloor).  They have a wide selection of hot chocolates, from 43% to 80% cacao, and even hot chocolates with other ingredients, such as chili.  Since my taste buds enjoy rich milk chocolates, I ordered a 43% hot chocolate (Figure 6).  It really was great, although not as thick as the hot chocolates in Switzerland.

The menu also had photos of pastries, which were too enticing to pass up.  So I ordered a mango mousse (Figure 7), which was a good call since it was a refreshing contrast to the rich hot chocolate.


  1. Try their chocolates and decide for yourself how good they are.
  2. You MUST get a hot chocolate from the café!
  3. The café only opens an hour after the chocolate shop opens


This chocolatier is quite exciting to go to if you like chocolates and pastries.  The chocolate architecture and ornate chocolates are astounding, and the café has delicious hot chocolate.  However, I had to take away 0.5 of the evolutionary history because this chocolate is just not up to par with the Swiss chocolate I’ve been munching on for the past month.

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