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An ATM—for cupcakes.

I like Sprinkles Cupcakes.  In fact, I think they have some of the best cupcakes in the Chicago city center.  This Beverly Hills bakery has made itself quite the popular place in the United States, but in Chicago, they have put in one of their novel cupcake ATMs (Figure 1).

Well, it works more like a vending machine that looks like an ATM.  It opened just some days ago, and I just HAD to try it!  I wanted to see if the cupcakes from the ATM were really up to par with the cupcakes freshly made in the store.  It probably wouldn’t be able to beat their delicious German Chocolate Cupcake that seems to be less available than Next tickets (Figure 2).

To my surprise, the line extending out the door was just as long as before.  The ATM seems to have just brought more business.  As soon as I got in line, I realized the downside of the machine: you can only purchase one cupcake at a time.  There were entire families in line ahead of me who wanted to purchase like 10 cupcakes at once and had to do it one by one…

By the time I finally got to the ATM, I decided that I had to get their S’mores Cupcake (Figure 3).  The toasted marshmallow frosting on top was toasted and fresh, but the actual cake was not very moist.  It tasted as if the bottom part had been sitting out for a while.  The only saving grace for the actual cake was the fact that there was a creamy chocolate filling inside.

I think in the future, I will wait in the longer line to go inside the shop to visually select (Figure 4) my cupcakes (Figure 5).

Tip:  Still go into the store to buy your Sprinkles cupcakes.


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