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An Asian Mix from heaven

I normally head over to Roy’s for my Hawaiian fusion fix in Chicago, but it gets a bit pricey, especially with their yummy cocktails.  So I am thoroughly content with Andrew and my discovery of Halo Asian Mix, a little shop on the intersection of Adams and Wabash that cooks numerous varieties of Asian cuisines.  From Thai to Chinese to Hawaiian, this place is definitely not a one-trick pony, the way cheaper Asian restaurants normally are. I ordered a typical chicken pad thai (Figure 1) mostly because GrubHub had named it as the choice dish at Halo Asian Mix.  It was pretty good, but I can’t say it was the best pad thai I’ve ever had because it was slightly too sweet.  For the price of just $7.99 + tax, though, it was much better than expected.

For a side, I had a seaweed salad (Figure 2) that was fresh and perfectly flavored.  It paired well with my heavier pad thai.

Andrew ordered two dishes to try (and for lunch the next day).  The first was chicken adobo (Figure 3), a dish with a Filipino sauce of vinegar and garlic.  I know it sounds Spanish, but this way of cooking was developed when the Spanish took over the Philippines and found that indigenous cooking involved stewing with vinegar.  What an ingenious idea, right?  Well, it certainly worked here.  And those three little eggroll looking things are lumpias.  I asked the person working there what was in them - he didn't know.

The second was spam loco moco (Figure 4), a typically Hawaiian dish that is pretty loco.  It is a rice dish that’s topped with spam, two fried eggs and all doused in gravy.  And it’s awesome.  It sounds like a strange combination, but at Halo Asian Mix, every component of the mix complements each other.


  1. Halo Asian Mix is a good place to go for a cheap Asian inspired meal.
  2. They have happy hour from 3-5 pm, with dishes for just $3-$4!!!
  3. The staff is great!


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