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Half the air in a given space

This is the title of an installation by British artist Martin Creed.  We can’t really see air, unless you count those really cold days when your breath puffs out like clouds.  This project provides a tangible way of understanding the air in a given space: with bright red balloons!  (Figure 1)

We were just on our way to brunch at Belgian Bakery when we saw a short line outside the Water Tower.   When we found out that it was to experience a walk inside the tower through a room filled with balloons up to around 6.5 ft., we immediately got in line.  The wait was a tad bit longer than expected since they only allow 2 people in at a time so I took some photos of the beautiful fall day with my new iPhone 5 (Figure 2).

When we finally went in, it was AwEsOmE!  It was like walking through a balloon version of those McDonald’s plastic ball-filled playpens!  Andrew didn’t have much problem since he was at the height of the balloons (Figure 3).  Unfortunately, I got a bit lost halfway through when I drowned in the sea of balloons (Figure 4)!  Thankfully Andrew came to my rescue.

On the way out, I may have accidentally popped a balloon or two, but at least none of them escaped from Water Tower.  In the end, I was left with a bunch of balloon photos and some of the most staticky hair I’ve ever had!


  1. The wait is longer that you would expect since they only allow 2 people in the Tower at a time.
  2. This is a really cool experience that is totally worth trying – AND it’s FREE!
  3. Perhaps check out the other locations – apparently there are 4 installations around the city!


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