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Mity Nice, touristy burger joint

I am always a bit weary of restaurants in really touristy places.  I mean, who wants to eat crappy, overpriced food while listening to others around you exclaim about the same places you saw earlier?  Well, Mity Nice Bar and Grill in the food court at Water Tower Place in Chicago is certainly an exception.

As we sat, our waiter brought some delicious popovers oozing with cheese (Figure 1).  They were so warm and puffy that it was inevitable to ask for more… and more!  While munching on the popovers and contemplating what to order from the enticing menu, we looked on the walls for the mighty nice sayings, such as “mean people are ugly” (Figure 2) and photos of some mighty nice people.

I ordered a bowl of French onion soup, which my waiter had described as a tower of soup when I asked about the size.  Trying to guess the kind of spoon I would be using for a soup tower was unfortunately overestimating the tower’s height, which turned out to be a slightly deeper bowl (Figure 3).  However, I forgave the waiter’s description when I had my first taste.  The soup was filled with sweet yet savory onions, and the broth had the perfect amount of salt added.  And the very recently melted cheese on top was quite the accompaniment.

My friends ordered the guacamole, which they found to be super yummy (I would have tried, but the taste and texture of avocados, and thus guacamole, are shockingly disgusting to me).   On top of that, Andrew ordered a Greek salad to be healthy (Figure 4).  I tried a bite, and it tasted so much better than I had expected (probably because of the dressing).

When my mushroom and Swiss cheese burger (Figure 5) came, I was more than ready to devour it after the starters I just had, and devour it I did (until I suddenly felt that fullness settling in halfway through…).  As always, some roasted mushrooms on top of melted Swiss cheese and my seasoned burger was scrumptious not to mention the sweet potato fries on the side!

I was surprised to be more than satisfied with my meal, but unfortunately, the service fell a bit short when we were paying.  The waiter took our credit cards and ran off for about 10 minutes, only to come back with an incorrect split of the bill.  At least we got our cards back in the end.


  1. The food descriptions by the waiters may be a little over the top, but all the dishes we had were delicious!
  2. If you like mushrooms and are not lactose intolerant, DEFINITELY order the mushroom and Swiss cheese burger!


This rating is for the food and the service combined.  If it were the food itself, I’d have given it a full “evolutionary history”, but unfortunately, the service was not as amazing.

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