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A healthy lunch spot

I love discovering new restaurants for lunch, and that is exactly what I did the other day.  Just walking around the block, I came across Arami Go, the casual Japanese eatery in Streeterville overseen by Chef Matsuda (from Arami and Slurping Turtle).  With a selection of bento boxes (for $10) that includes a starter, protein, ending amuse, and the choice of rice or soba noodles, I put together a healthy meal (Figure 1) of fresh tofu, soba noodles, seaweed salad and salted edamame.

The fresh tofu certainly was fresh, but I wished it had a bit more taste to it (I perhaps should have gone with the grilled tofu or one of the grilled meats instead).  I definitely had to pair it with the other items I had in my bento box, which were much more flavorful.  The soba noodles were amazing, with an emanating lemongrass taste from the shavings.  I’ve never had seaweed salad with actual dressing on it, but I really enjoyed how the dressing provided a more creamy taste to the seaweed.  And finally, the edamame were yummy as they always are when salted.

For my drink, I ordered an originally Japanese carbonated drink called ramune soda (Figure 2).  This particular one if pineapple flavored.  It’s really awesome because you have to push a marble in to the neck of the bottle before you can drink it.  It tasted like an interesting soda with its advertised artificial flavoring.


  1. This is a great place to go for a healthy lunch.
  2. Watch out – it’s less food than you would expect for $10.


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