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Munching through Dose Market

This past weekend, I finally found the time to make it to Dose Market, a monthly food and fashion market at the River East Center in Streeterville.  After seeing some $200+ gnarly looking metal rings at a booth near the entrance, I decided to focus on the more enticing foods.  In particular, a couple vendors stood out: Brunkow Cheese of Wisconsin

From Darlington in Wisconsin, this high quality cheese is perfect for the grill, as I discovered from the samples that were being cooked up on the spot.  The original baked cheese is, well, baked, and has an extremely smooth, buttery flavor.  It’s approximately $6 for each of those packages, even at luxury grocery stores like Fox & Obel!

Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen

Well I needed something a little more substantial than just samples.  So I found Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen’s booth, where they were making fresh grilled cheese sandwiches.   With a choice of cheddar cheese or turkey & queso, I went with the latter, more protein fulfilling choice.  The bread was perfectly crispy, and the sandwich as a whole was gratifying.  Definitely recommend this grilled cheese if you are around Brooklyn.

Lizzie’s Bake Shop

Finally, I went in search for some sugary desserts!  This is how I came across cruffles, a snazzy name for cake truffles.  They looked spectacular, even some with bacon bits on top!  I did not get to try one, but I absolutely cannot wait for their location to open up on W. Chicago Ave. (Chicago)!  In case you can’t wait until then, you can just give them a call.

Éclair Bakery

When I came across this gigantic container of pastries, I couldn’t resist.  I was told that they were called “sugettes”, a combination of sugar and baguette (extremely mini ones I’m guessing).  These bites were a lot less sugary than I had expected from the name but were delicious nonetheless!


  1. Dose Market is once a month, and there are different vendors each time.  In fact, the next Dose is the Holi-Dose!
  2. Make sure you purchase your tickets beforehand online– it’s $8 beforehand but $10 at the door.
  3. Try all the tasty eats!


I’m giving this market a bit less than a full evolution history rating because I wasn’t satisfied with the fashion half.  But this market is definitely a place to check out, especially for the food!

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