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Sprout, by Gilt City

The other night, I had one of the best dinners I’ve had in a while at Sprout Restaurant (in Chicago), at which I used a Gilt City deal.  I sat down to an artfully placed centerpiece (Figure 1) and a delectable complimentary glass of champagne (Figure 2) thanks to my check-in on Foursquare.

My dinner party started out with two delicious appetizers.  The veal cheek (Figure 3) was seasoned perfectly, accompanied by a mash of chickpeas, carrots, and cabbage, all topped off with a light curry sauce.

There was also the fall-inspired pumpkin soup (Figure 4) with a cider base, some apple, mascarpone and some thyme seasoning.  The pumpkin really came through with complex flavors.

For the main dish, my parents had the trout (Figure 5) topped with trout caviar, which were amazing, even with the tad bit fishy taste to them.  This protein was accompanied by a cauliflower puree with some faro and meyer lemon.  And the entire dish was beautified with some escarole.

Andrew and I both had the steak filet (Figure 6), cooked to medium rare.  Although it was super tender, the best part about this dish was the crispy onion rings on top.  In addition, there were slices of cucumber and some bok choy in a tasty Worcestershire sauce.  Perfect combination!

In the middle of the main course, I had a delightful and refreshing strawberry cocktail (Figure 7).  I thought the rum was going to be overwhelming, but fortunately, the strawberry and lemon flavors came through.

Between the second and third courses, there was a surprise intermezzo of… GRILLED CHEESE (Figure 8)!  Well, it was absolutely superb!  The white cheddar worked so well with the roasted apple in the sandwich, and better yet, the entire sandwich was grilled in some more white cheddar.  Accompanying the grilled cheese was a side of unique cherry Dijon mustard.  To wash down this greasy sandwich, we each had a glass of delicious hard cider (Figure 9).

Then the desserts came!!!  The first was Chocolate three ways (Figure 10).  There was a strong, coffee mousse, some chocolate ice cream with white pepper and a chocolate brownie with a vanilla wafer.  I was not a super fan because it was mostly dark chocolate, but for those who enjoy a less bitter dessert, the Grape dessert (Figure 11) was definitely the way to go.  The second dessert was a complex, deconstructed peanut butter jelly sandwich.  There were all sorts of textures, with standout peanut butter, grape and brioche flavors.  On top of that, there were a couple chunks of chocolate!

Overall, what a spectacular meal!


  1. Parking is difficult to find around here… use the valet parking ($10).
  2. The regular menu is definitely worth trying – I can’t wait to go back for it!
  3. Check in on Foursquare for a complimentary glass of champagne!


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