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Your money’s worth in beer

I’ve been to a number of brewery tours throughout the world, but I have not yet come across one quite like Milwaukee Brewing Company (Figure 1). Figure 1. Milwaukee Brewing Company

As the only packaging microbrewery in the city of Milwaukee, they have a pretty amusing warehouse setup that is an all-in-one brewery. I just wish they sold the giant posters hanging above the bar area.

When you go, they will give you some poker chip-like tokens that will allow you to get two free glasses of their special beers while in the brewery AND two free glasses of MKE beer in select bars throughout Milwaukee.  Oh, and get this: the other beers on tap are unlimited for an hour and a half (the tour time + extra half hour).

I started out with a light Outboard (Figure 2), which was extremely smooth and certainly makes your stomach growl for more.

Figure 2. Outboard

As you drink, you can listen to a tour guide light-heartedly (and perhaps even drunkenly) tell you about the makings of their beer.  They will not only tell you about the making of the beer but also some hilarious anecdotes.  About every 10 minutes, there is a beer break when you can go get another glass of their delicious brews (or if you are there to just drink, skip the tour altogether).

And if they are selling it, get some of their O Gii beer (Figure 3) – it’s tea infused!!!

Figure 3. O Gii beer

Oh, and get this: they are green (i.e., environmentally friendly)!


  1. Reserve a spot for their tour on their website (a lot of the tours fill up).
  2. It’s $10 a tour, and it includes basically all you can drink for 1.5 hours.  Great for pregaming (a bunch of Green Bay fans were certainly there to do that).  Definitely get your money's worth.
  3. Be aware that the tour guides drink, but, as our guide pointed out, it's better that he's drunk than high.


5.0 Rating

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