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Etno Village Grill: top burger in Chicago

We’ve all heard about those top 5 burger shops in Chicago with their gourmet burgers.  Recently, though we decided to try Etno Village Grill using a Groupon, and the joint thoroughly impressed me in its atmosphere and taste. Etno sort of looked like a little wooden hut to me at the busy intersection of Lincoln, Sheffield and Wrightwood.  Walking in, an immediate wave of coziness will wash over you.  I was starving at that point so I got an Americana burger on a brioche bun with some roasted garlic spread (Figure 1).  And I got some Parmesan fries with that.

Figure 1. Americana burger with roasted garlic spread

Geez!  That non-antibiotic burger blew me away!  Every ingredient tasted so fresh!  The downside was that the Parmesan fries were not as amazing as I thought they would be – not crispy enough, and needed quite a bit more Parmesan.

Andrew got himself a kimchi and fried egg burger (Figure 2).  It looked so good I want to trade.  But by the time I had taken 2 bites of my burger, his was already devoured!  Well, I’m guessing that means it really was one of the best burgers he’s had (he is sort of obsessed with kimchi, though).

Figure 2. Kimchee and fried egg burger

Etno also has a large selection of signature sandwiches to choose from, and from the looks of it, they will satisfy you as much as any burger.

By the way, Etno Village Grill is BYOB!  So grab a beer or six (Figure 3) and head on over!

Figure 3. beer


  1. Try this place out, and make sure you choose a spread to slather over the burger!
  2. Back off on the Parmesan – I think the fries themselves would be well worth it.
  3. If you want a yummy burger and not wait in long lines, Etno will fulfill your hunger and taste.

Rating: 4.5 Rating

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