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BadHappy Poutine

This eatery with sticky veneered tables is a perfect setting for the ultimate Canadian’s greasy yet yummy dish: poutine.     It is a platter of fries topped with what seems like multiple cups of gravy and those chunky cheese curds that no one seems to be able to stay away from.  Well, this is what BadHappy Poutine specializes in. We first ordered “The Good, The Bad & The Happy” (Figure 1).  Topped with cheese curds and a sunny-side up egg, this poutine swims in a flavorful gravy with pieces of fried pork belly.  In addition to all that, there is some heart healthy truffle mayo and foie gras mousse.  Compared to one of my favorite poutines in the city (from The Gage), this is definitely a matched competitor.  It’s a must-have.

Figure 1. The Good, the bad and the happy

For drinks, BadHappy has some awesome shakes, like the BadHappy Birthday Cake Shake (Figure 2), which honestly reminds me of a birthday cake!

Figure 2. BadHappy Birthday Cake Shake

Also, BadHappy is BYOB (Figure 3).  In the restaurant, they sell some locally made cola, which goes down smooth, even with all the carbonation.

Figure 3. BYOBing it

We also got the Zeus, which is a Greek inspired poutine with grilled gyro meat, Tzakiki sauce, curry gravy and some Kalamata olive tapanade (Figure 4).  Unfortunately, this wasn’t as good as I expected, especially since the olive tapanade is cold.  This olive tapanade got lukewarm after sitting with the rest of the hot ingredients, which gave a strange temperature contrast that eliminates the cozy feel of the dish.

Figure 4. The Zeus

Finally, we got the PB&Jerk burger (Figure 5).  It’s a regular burger except it has a layer of peanut butter!  I know – it sounds pretty nasty, but after taking one bite, I couldn’t stop myself from eating the rest!  In fact, I would like to add some peanut butter in all my future burgers!

Figure 5. PB and Jerk burger


  1. The poutines here are yummy with all sorts of twists.
  2. Try the PB & Jerk burger because it will blow you away.
  3. It’s a little pricy for a poutine ($11-13), but it’s absolutely worth a try.


4.5 Rating

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