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I am, by far, not into cars.  In fact, my idea of an awesome car is what color it is or how pretty the design looks.  However, I still enjoy looking at them so I went to Chicago's annual Auto Show at McCormick Place.  This year, though, it seemed a bit smaller and not as grand as years before, but who doesn't want to look at showrooms loaded with vehicles? My favorites, probably along with everyone else's, are the sporty ones: P1030552 CarP1030573 HondaP1030548 Car IMG_0955 IMG_0954 Car IMG_0953 BMW IMG_0950 Car

Something new were the food trucks.  I guess with the rising food truck scene in Chicago, they just had to have some models:IMG_0952 Mercedes food truck

As always, there are some older models on display:P1030559 Car P1030563 Car P1030566 CarWhat surprised me were the new Beetles, which I have not yet seen on streets.  I love the chrome!P1030568 Beetle

And what's an auto show without rims?P1030561 Rims


  1. Go on a weekday, when there are fewer people.
  2. The Auto Show ends on Monday!  So try and get there before then!  Otherwise, there is always next year, or the year after =)
  3. You can get rides in some of the cars (like Jeep or Toyota), but the lines tend to be long.  Try and get a press pass if you don't want to wait in long lines.
  4. Wear comfy shoes.  This is not a 5-inch heel affair.


4.0 Rating

The auto show is a fun time, but it seems to get smaller each year.  At least they still have some cool cars that you rarely see on the streets.

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