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Warning: Waffle Woes

Waffles on S. Michigan Avenue in Chicago has received reviews on the “not so appetizing” end.  However, I couldn’t believe that the place is THAT bad since they just opened a second location in Lakeview at the end of last year!  Well, Andrew and I were finally able to sample the food after a long 45 minute wait, and this is what we thought: Figure 1. Hot Chocolate

To drink, I wanted to start out with a hot chocolate (Figure 1) to warm me up.  Unfortunately, this was a complete façade of enticing whipped cream that hid a cup of watered down, lukewarm hot chocolate.  In addition, Andrew’s cappuccino was lacking in a major component: the coffee.  A cup of warm milk certainly did not work any wonders.

Figure 2. Chili

We also ordered a bowl of chili (Figure 2), which was hands down the worst chili I’ve ever had (and I’ve had my share).  It was so watered down, and only half the bowl had solid ingredients.  Absolutely unappetizing.

Figure 3. Chicken and bacon waffles

Waffles “pride [themselves] on [their] featured namesake, [their] waffles” so we had to give those a try.   I ordered the chicken and bacon waffles, which is basically fried chicken on top of bacon waffles (Figure 3).  I know, it sounds like a greasy goodness.  Well, I never thought anyone could really mess up on fried chicken, but I I guess you could when you reuse the oil (you can taste the obvious difference).  Not only was that an issue, the fried chicken became soggy-battered chicken because it had probably been sitting there for ages.  On top of all that, the waffles tasted as if they had whipped up some eggs, dumped in a tiny bit of flour, and placed into the waffle maker.

Figure 4. Albondigas waffles

If you can believe it, Andrew’s albondigas (pork and lamb meatballs) waffles (Figure 4), were even worse.  The meatballs were still cold inside, and they reeked of old meat.  And again, the waffles just plain sucked.  The waitress had a hot version of the albondigas waffles made, but the meatballs were still so dense and smelled like funky meat.  Andrew took one bite, and that was it.  Our waitress then asked if he wanted different waffles, and I think it’s obvious at this point what the answer was.

I’ve never had a worse brunch experience in Chicago, but apparently the Waffles in Lakeview is better.  I’m just shocked that there were so many people waiting to get a bite from this place.  Also, there is a slight chance that the non-waffle dishes are better…  In any case, waffles are definitely NOT Waffles’ namesake.

Tips:  I don’t really have any.  If you somehow find yourself at this establishment, do not order waffles…


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