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Lots of goat at Little Goat

Ever since this diner opened back in December, I’ve wanted to try it out.  Stephanie Izard’s winning menu of comfort food just makes your mouth water when you look at it.  Yet, Eater Chicago gave a disappointing review of Little Goat Diner, saying that “’limp’ fries wilt under ‘bland’ goat chili”.  So I was pretty anxious to try it out when my friend and I finally went for a girls’ night. Figure 1. Goat chili fries

We started with goat chili fries (Figure 1), and it was an enchanting mix of goat chili and a mayo based sauce over crispy fries, nothing like the review described.  The goat chili was flavored as I expected, and the textures worked together.  However, eat quickly because the dish gets cool fast!

Figure 2. Goat patty melt

My friend had a goat patty melt (Figure 2), which looked like a gooey, cheesy goodness.  She thought it was yummy but that the fries were certainly better tasting.

Figure 3. Korean goat burger

I was personally thinking about some Asian style food, so I ordered the Korean goat burger (Figure 3), which had kimchi, bacon and a sunny-side up egg.  It was just what I needed except the bun was too thick and dense so all the flavors were dumbed down.  When I took off the top half of the bun, I realized that the kimchi was spot on and that the goat burger was lean and appetizing!

Overall, I certainly think that Little Goat Diner is much better than Eater Chicago described, but there are still some improvements that can be made.  Still, I'm excited for the next time I go, perhaps for the appealing breakfast menu.


  1. Go early because Little Goat gets crowded very quickly, and they don’t take reservations.  And early means around 5 pm.
  2. At Little Goat Bread, get the pretzel bread.  The other breads are really tough, but the pretzel bread goes above and beyond in the world of bread.


4.0 Rating

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