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Longman & Eagle: Easter egg brunch and hunt

To celebrate Easter, Andrew and I decided to hunt for some Easter eggs in Logan Square to benefit Longman & Eagle’s charity for University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital.  In the meantime, we finally had the chance to try out the brunch menu at the Michelin Star restaurant! We began with a moist and tasty amuse bouche, a blueberry cake that really got my digestive system going (Figure 1).

Figure 1. A bite of blueberry cake

Since we love our sweets, we skipped to the day’s special: a maple bourbon glazed raisin doughnut fried in bacon fat (Figure 2).  Can that description get any better?  In any case, this was a cake doughnut that had all the harmonious ingredients.  It just didn’t have enough glaze.  For a dense doughnut like this, it would have been phenomenal if the doughnut was served with a warm bowl of that maple bourbon glaze for dipping.

Figure 2. Maple bourbon glazed doughnut with raisins

To take your drinking palate for a spin, don’t go for the usual mimosa or Bloody Mary.  Longman & Eagle has some unique cocktails to offer, one of which is the Kittie Green.  A splash of rye whiskey mixed with orange bitters, lime, and demerara is a man’s perfect citrus-infused cocktail (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Kittie Green

Definitely give the drink a try with the sunny side duck egg hash with duck confit (Figure 4).  Sprinkled in there are also some Yukon gold potatoes, Nichols farm spring onions and a black truffle vinaigrette.  Break the eggs, mix it up, and you get a flavorful, hearty dish that will leave you wanting more.

Figure 4. Sunny side duck hash with duck confit, Nichols farm spring onions, Yukon gold potatoes and black truffle vinaigrette

But even better than the duck egg hash is whole hog crepinette with cheese grits, piggy sprouts and natural maple jus (Figure 5).  And this is topped with a beautiful sunny side egg.  The tender hog had its gamey flavor, which was a perfect match with the cheese grits (probably the best grits I’ve ever had).  My favorite part of this dish is the slight sweetness from the maple jus, which tickled my sweet tooth.

Figure 5. Whole hog crepinette, cheese grits, piggy sprouts, natural maple jus and sunny side up egg

We still had some time to kill before the Easter egg hunt, so we walked around Logan Square (Figure 6).

Figure 6a. Logan Movie Theatre

Figure 6b. Senior citizens warning sign

Figure 6b. Next to Logan Square blue line El stop

Figure 6d. Street art

Figure 6e. I guess some people were bored

I was a bit giddy when we came across Boulangerie Bakery and Creperie (Figure 7).

Figure 7

As we entered, a wave of sweet and savory smells rushed at me, making me salivate (even we had just filled up on brunch).  We got a cheese bâtard (Figure 8), which is a bit like a baguette and tastes heavenly.

Figure 8. Cheese bâtard

I also had to try the macaroons (Figure 9), which I saved for home.  The flavors are pleasantly surprising and a must-try!  I am definitely going back next time to make my own crepe, or perhaps a waffle…

Figure 9. Strawberry and Pistachio macaroons.  Unfortunately, the other flavors got crushed =/, but they included chocolate and pineapple!

For a (light) snack to save for the ride home, we also stopped by Reno for an Everything bagel with a sour cream based cream cheese (Figure 10).  I never thought cream cheese could be so light!

Figure 10. Everything bagel with cream cheese

As for the annual, adult Easter egg hunt, it wasn’t exactly as successful as our food endeavors…  We had purchased the cutest Easter egg basket (Figure 11) from Dominick’s, only to find a single poop-colored Easter egg (there was even a blob of brown paint).  Apparently, this was more than what most couples got, and we also found out that another couple had cheated by finding 5 eggs before the hunt even started!  In any case, it was fun to explore the neighborhood, even if it means we only found one poop-colored egg.

Figure 11. Our Easter egg basket and the single poop-colored, hard-boiled egg

Happy Easter!


  1. For brunch at Longman & Eagle, go early because they don’t take reservations.  We got there around 10 and didn’t have to wait, but we took one of the last open tables.  Afterwards, there was a pretty long line.
  2. If you have to wait in line, stop by Boulangerie Bakery for some goodies!  It’s definitely worth it!
  3. If you do the Easter egg hunt next year, get a bunch of friends together, pair up, and split up.  That way, you can combine your findings and perhaps place in the top 3 to win a prize!


5.0 Rating

This rating is for Longman & Eagle, the Boulangerie Bakery & Creperie, and the bagel from Reno but not so much the Easter egg hunt...

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