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Is Sweet Station actually sweet?

Figure 1. Sweet Station The first time I went to Sweet Station (Figure 1), Andrew and I opted for the unlimited hot pot, which was probably not the best idea.  We asked for lamb three times, and we STILL didn’t get it!  But luckily, I gave the place another chance when I went with my family for lunch/dim sum! 

Figure 2. Deep-fried shrimp

The deep-fried shrimp (Figure 2) my dad ordered were lightly battered, crunchy and salty, just the way they should be!  The best part is that Sweet Station makes them as if they are street food – by putting the shrimp on sticks.  This way, I didn’t have to touch the greasiness with my hands.  And just a tip: the best part of the shrimp is almost ALWAYS the juicy head – so don’t throw that away!

Figure 3. Tofu, mushrooms and Chinese broccoli

The tofu, mushroom and gai lan (Chinese broccoli) dish (Figure 3) was probably my favorite of the day.  It was cooked in a sticky and semi-sweet sauce that brought the ingredients together!

Figure 4. He fen

We completely devoured the stir-fried he fen (Chinese rice noodles) (Figure 4), which was perfectly cooked.  The thing to note about he fen is that it is cooked correctly only if there is no liquid at the bottom of the bowl/plate or else the noodles will not be the right texture (they would stick together).  Sweet Station definitely fries it dry so you can slurp up each noodle separately.

Figure 5. Fried fish

Gosh, when I tasted the fried fish (Figure 5), I was in awe.  Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of fish, but I absolutely love it I took a bite of this crunchy ball with an interior that has the smooth, fishy texture.  And it was a burst of flavor with the green onions and hot peppers!

Figure 6. Beef and shrimp wonton ramen

The bowl of beef and shrimp wonton ramen (Figure 6) will probably be one of the best ramen bowls you have.  The wontons are filled with shrimp – Sweet Station doesn’t skimp!  The beef is tender, and the noodles are coils of deliciousness.  I’m definitely going back for a bowl of this!

Figure 7. Feng zhao

We weren’t too impressed with the feng zhao (Chinese chicken feet) (Figure 7).  When it was brought over, I knew right away that something wasn’t right – the color was way too red.  The sauce it was cooked in was not the normal sauce; in fact, it was sweet…

Figure 8. Custard buns

How could we go get lunch at a Chinese restaurant without getting some buns?  We ordered the custard buns (Figure 8), which were pillowy-soft and filled with a sweet custard that had just the right amount of sugar.  I could go for these anytime!


  1. Order the normal food here for lunch because almost all of it will exceed your expectations.
  2. If you are looking to do hot pot, head over to Mandarin Kitchen – I promise it won’t disappoint.


4.0 Rating

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