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Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Micro flowers that I needed to photograph with a macro lens
Micro flowers that I needed to photograph with a macro lens

I've been caught up with research the last couple weeks, but for Labor Day weekend, Andrew and I went up to Madison to visit some friends.  It's a cute city with just a handful of touristy things to do so we rented a pair of bikes through B Cycle and biked from the Capitol Square to the recommended Olbrich Botanical Gardens.

P1090949  Ants on flower
P1090949 Ants on flower
P1090956  Grasshopper
P1090956 Grasshopper
P1090961  Dragonfly
P1090961 Dragonfly
P1090969  Bees on flowers
P1090969 Bees on flowers

There were so many cute little insects hidden away in the plants and flowers!

And I just adored the vibrant flowers that attracted insects and my camera.

P1090967  Flower
P1090967 Flower
P1100012  Flower
P1100012 Flower
P1090973  Flowers
P1090973 Flowers
P1090979  Flowers
P1090979 Flowers

This garden is a must-visit - make it there before summer is over!

P1100011  Fountain
P1100011 Fountain


  1. Olbrich is a bit far from the Capitol building, so if you didn't drive, rent a bike from the one of the B Cycle stations.  It's $5 for 24 hour access, but make sure that you only take 30 minutes between stations or else it costs more!
  2. Take the Capital City State Trail if you are biking there.
  3. The garden is free!
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