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Andaz Tokyo

Andaz Tokyo

When we were searching for a place in Tokyo to unload our Hyatt points, we were torn between the traditional Park Hyatt or the Andaz, Hyatt’s modern take on high end. I am so glad we chose the Andaz! The elevator whizzed us up to the open wood-furnished lobby with phenomenal views of the city from the 51st floor, and we were greeted by a hostess who sat us down at a sprawling table to explain the details of our room and the hotel. We immediately felt at home chatting with her, not to mention the super yummy (and complimentary) snacks offered in the lobby.

As we headed to the elevators that led to our floor, I felt a bit out of place with my handy Longchamp instead of a Birkin on my arm. I am not exaggerating – every woman I saw in the elevators during our stay had one of those coveted handmade purses. When we stepped out of the elevator, it felt like we were in another world!

I immediately fell in love with our room. If I had a studio at home, this is the layout I would want (with a kitchen added, of course). The bedroom had a king size bed facing a spectacular view of Tokyo. I couldn’t stop looking outside! 

But if the view is too distracting or you just need a good night’s sleep, the rooms have awesome blackout blinds, which you can control using the knobbed bedside controller. Accompanying these controllers is a handy Bose speaker.

The bed itself is definitely on the “hard” end, which is really great for your back if you sleep on your back. If you are a tummy or side sleeper, you may want to sleep on your back here.

This room has my favorite bathroom/closet of probably any hotel I have stayed at. The closet is huge, and provides enough space for any type of traveler. They provide you with super comfy sleeping kimono robes and soft slippers. There is a useful little amenities kit in the closet as well.

The toilet in the room is a smart toilet, and not just one of those regular high tech ones with buttons. After going to the bathroom, the lid closes automatically, and when you walk in, the lid rises. So ladies, you won’t have to worry about your guy leaving the toilet seat up here!

The shower and bath area is very spacious. The large, circular tub has a waterfall faucet, and it’s the perfect shape and size for a relaxing soak. Afterwards, you can stand under the perfectly pressured rain shower to rinse off.

And finally, the mini bar has a number of complimentary items, including all teas and coffees, all other non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks! 

I loved the Meiji chocolate - it was so rich and smooth! I couldn't stop myself from eating all the pieces in the pack during a single sitting... The other Japanese snacks in there are definitely worth a try as well considering the fact that I practically emptied the entire snack drawer into my stomach.

When we stayed, the rate was $795 per night (maple leaf season), but the rate is normally in the high $300 range. So instead of paying the extravagant price, we used just 25,000 points/night instead. It was absolutely worth it, and I highly recommend it!


  1. Take a dip in their beautiful pool with a view! You can also relax in the numerous hot tubs! 
  2. If you are looking for a phenomenal sushi omakase, look no further because The Sushi in the Andaz offers a chef's counter experience. The rooftop bar has some yummy cocktails to offer as well!
  3. If you plan to take a bath in the tub, go to the Pokemon store to purchase a bath bomb or two! Once the ball finishes its fizzing, there's a Pokemon surprise inside!
  4. The Andaz is a nice 30 minute walk or short taxi ride from Tsukiji Fish Market, so if you plan to head over and see the tuna auction in the morning (or to just go and eat sushi), this is a very convenient hotel to stay at!
Brunch at The Tavern

Brunch at The Tavern

Soba Totto

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