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Neighborhood, Hong Kong

Neighborhood, Hong Kong

Neighborhood is a cozy restaurant hidden away in an alleyway on bustling Hong Kong Island. It was a bit difficult to find, but once we stepped in, we were ready to feast on all the goodies David Lai's Italian-Asian fusion eatery has to offer. 

IMG_8656 Neighborhood - Bread and butter.jpg

I was starving so I was literally stuffing myself with the country bread and basic table butter right when it was placed on our table. We went for one of the specials on their menu - the jumbo Dutch oysters. I've had giant oysters before in New Orleans, and I was definitely not a fan of them raw. However, these plump oysters from Holland were so fresh and tasted like the sea! I was very thankful they were jumbo-sized!

If you are looking for a drink, I would highly recommend ordering something off their well thought-out wine menu. To pair with the seafoods and lighter dishes we ordered, we went with a stunningly fresh rose from Chateau Ksara in Lebanon that had bold berry aromas. 

One thing I loved about the dishes at Neighborhood were the pops of color on their dishes. This was particularly the case for the plate of seasonal roasted autumn vegetables (ok, we went in winter, but winter in Hong Kong is basically autumn). The vegetables together were an explosion of flavor, making it one of my favorite dishes of the night! 

IMG_8663 Neighborhood - Roasted autumn fruits and vegetables (Mr. Ducasse).jpg

One of their signature dishes is a play on escargot, replacing the snails with pigeon eggs. It's a beautiful dish, but the beauty was lacking in flavor. Perhaps I was comparing it too much too the typical garlicky, buttery escargot... 

IMG_8667 Neighborhood - Pigeon eggs with escargot butter.jpg

We also ordered a dish with actual escargot, coupled with chanterelle mushrooms. It's truly an elegant pairing, packed with earthy flavors. When we were done, I wished we had another bowl of this!

IMG_8670 Neighborhood - Yellow chanterelle mushrooms with escargot.jpg

The menu changes often, but if the sea urchin taglioni is still on the menu, you must order it. Every single bite is a rich mouthful of perfectly cooked noodles coated in uni. It's a luxurious, divine plate of pasta.

If you get the fallow deer sugo and polenta, make sure you mix it thoroughly as the protein is overly salty and the polenta is very bland on its own. I wish we were told to mix the two together before I tried each on its own...

IMG_8674 Neighborhood - fallow deer sugo with soft polenta.jpg

For a sugary end, we had to try the French toast, which was almost like a crunchy dinges waffle, topped with ice cream. I was delighted when I saw all that truffle shaved on top, but was let down by the fact that I couldn't taste any of it! 

IMG_8675 Neighborhood - French toast, ice cream and truffle.jpg

To tie up the meal, we were served these canelés, which had the perfect balance of rum and vanilla. The texture was on point as well, with a lovely custardy center and a crunchy exterior. 

IMG_8676 Neighborhood - Canelé.jpg

If we were to dine at Neighborhood again, we would definitely go for some more of those dishes on the specials menu! There were a number of seafoods that we wanted to try, but they looked way too large for just the twvo of us!


  1. To make a reservation, contact them via WhatsApp: +852 5713 6913.
  2. It's a bit difficult to find - you need to go into an alley to reach the entrance.
  3. They have no Chinese address (to give to taxi drivers), so make sure you look up a Chinese address of a place next to Neighborhood if you plan to take a taxi.
  4. Don't forget to check out their specials on the little blackboard near the entrance!
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